<b>DaynaPORT PCI Ethernet card problem: a fix is on the way

DaynaPORT PCI Ethernet card problem: a fix is on the way

Regarding the problem with the DaynaPORT PCI Ethernet Adapter (as reported last week), Chris Heatherly (of Power Computing) sent me this follow-up note:

"As you may already know, some users of Alchemy-based machines (ex. Performa 6400, PowerBase, etc.) and Tanzania-based machines (StarMax, APS, PowerTools, etc.) have reported difficulty transferring large files using the DaynaPORT Ethernet PCI card.

Dayna has reproduced this issue on a Apple Performa 6400 and has developed an update extension which appears to resolve the issue in lab tests. The issue has not been reproduced on any other system to date.

Today, I sent this extension to Power customers who had reported the issue to TechTalk. Customers have been instructed to contact Dayna and myself with feedback on the effectiveness of this update. If field tests are positive, Dayna will make a general release of the extension."