<b>CyberSURFER cable modem and &quot;health check&quot; error

CyberSURFER cable modem and &quot;health check&quot; error


Jeff Herscovitz writes: "When I'm accessing the Internet using Netscape 3.0.1 on my Mac 8500/120 (MacOS 7.6) with a Motorola cable modem, I frequently get a message that says: "ERROR: Failed to send Health Check command." After the message, I no longer can go to new pages or sites without quitting Netscape and logging off and then logging on again."

This unusual message is likely specific to the Motorola CyberSURFER cable modem. In this regard, another reader (Gregg Berretta) using the same modem similarly writes getting a "Failed to Send General Health Check" error. The error immediately shuts down your connection no matter which programs you are running. The problem requires a reboot of the system in order to reestablish a connection." The connection was via Ethernet to coaxial cable and has been duplicated on System 7.5, 7.5.5, and 7.6. - with both O.T.1.1.1 and O.T 1.1.2. Gregg claims that he was told that the problem is ultimately due to a bug in the Mac OS and that "Apple has been aware of this problem since October, 1996." I have not confirmed this.

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