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<b>ColorSync 2.5 issues: Profiles problem work-around; conflict with extensions managers?

ColorSync 2.5 issues: Profiles problem work-around; conflict with extensions managers?

ColorSync Profiles: a follow-up Regarding the problem (covered last time), of ColorSync 2.5 moving the location of the Profiles folder - and possible problems that may result: several readers noted simpler work-arounds than reinstalling the software. They all involved making aliases of the Profiles folder. However, in some cases, the ColorSync and Monitors & Sound control panels may not recognize the alias folder. The most detailed work-around instructions came from Hrvoje Budin:

"ColorSync 2.5 installer will move ColorSync(TM) profiles from Preferences folder to ColorSync Profiles folder in the root of System Folder (notice there is no TM in new ColorSync Profiles folder name). After installing CS 2.5, make again new "ColorSyncTM Profiles" folder in Preferences folder (don't forget to add real Trade Mark logo - Option-2 - after ColorSync in folder name). Move all of your profiles back into that folder. Then, make alias of ColorSync(TM) Profiles folder (which is in Prefs folder) and put in inside "ColorSync Profiles" folder (created by CS 2.5 Installer in root of the System Folder). That way, you have ColorSync Profiles available for older applications which do not support new ColorSync folder organization, and for ColorSync 2.5 savvy applications everything is working and legal, because CS 2.5 supports folders and aliases inside Profiles folder."

ColorSync conflicts with extensions managers? Several readers have reported conflicts between extensions managers and ColorSync 2.5. In particular, two readers reported startup crashes when using Symbionts 2.8 and ColorSync, running Mac OS 8.1. Another reader had a similar problem that he traced to Conflict Catcher 4.1.1 (although I did not have this problem with CC 4.1.1 and ColorSync 2.5 on my Power Mac 7500). Apple's Extensions Manager appears to work fine.