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<b>ClarisWorks 5 and MacLinkPlus: a problem?

ClarisWorks 5 and MacLinkPlus: a problem?

Previously, I noted that some readers were having problems using MacLinkPlus with ClarisWorks 5. I suggested that updating to MacLinkPlus 9.7 might fix the problem. Readers David Nine and David Cebula wrote to say that 9.7 does not fix the problem after all. David Cebula further adds that he did not have this problem with ClarisWorks 4. David Nine offers some insight as to what may be happening:

"The latest version of MacLinkPlus (9.7) does not yet support ClarisWorks 5 completely. You cannot translate a Word 6 or higher document into a CW5 document. You can translate Word 5 or lower files. Other word processing (WordPerfect, Nisus, WriteNow) documents seem to work perfectly as well. To test, I simply save a CW5 document as Word 6 for Mac or Windows and MacLinkPlus saves it as designated. I then try to open the Word document and receive a warning from MacLinkPlus that it cannot properly translate due to the fact that CW5 is newer than MacLinkPlus 9.7. It then attempts to use the ClarisWorks File Converter to translate, but it fails. DataViz's tech support told me a couple of weeks ago that a translator for CW5 would be out early next year!"

Update: Steven Cook writes: "Claris tech support said they are having problems with the PPC version of MacLinkPlus (all versions) and ClarisWorks 5 (that is why ClarisWorks 5 installs MacLinkPlus for ClarisWorks 68K). The MacLinkPlus translator works perfectly with ClarisWorks 4.0v4. Claris tech said they are aware of the problem and are working on a fix. Should be released as an update to ClarisWorks 5."

Update: Theo Maschas notes that some problems with CW (at least with version 4.x) and MacLinkPlus can be resolved by moving the MacLinkPlus Bridge file from the Claris Translators folder to the Claris folder.