<b>Clarifications, corrections and such

Clarifications, corrections and such


Several reports from the last couple of times need some clarification or correction. Here goes:

Power Computing support We previously covered an incident where Henry Phillips was told he had to return his computer for a warranty CD-ROM drive repair, rather than having Power Computing simply ship out a new drive. A Power Computing tech rep implied that this change in policy was related to Power's transition to Apple. However Chris Heatherly (of Power Computing) offered the following clarification:

"In the past, we have offered piece parts exchanges as a courtesy to our customers. While this method may sometimes be expedient, we have found in a high number of cases, it did not resolve the issue, or worse, resulted in additional damage. [As a result,...], we are suspending the parts exchange program. Rather, customers can receive service through either an onsite or depot repair by a trained Power technician. The technical support manager who commented that we have, "closed down their parts shop and are awaiting for Apple to take things over at the beginning of the year," is incorrect. Our depot repair and onsite service technicians are working at full capacity to ensure that we repair our customers' systems as quickly as possible."

Timbuktu and Ethernet glitch We previously described an Ethernet problem that appeared related to Timbuktu Pro. Netopia was quoted as saying that this problem would be fixed in a forthcoming 4.0.2 update. Lauren Ankersmit, Netopia Technical Support Product Specialist, confirms that the tech rep did indeed say this, but that he was mistaken. Netopia's official position is that problem described "has not been reported by other customers, and has not been replicated by Netopia. It is unlikely that this is a Timbuktu bug, as our code does not modify the AppleTalk control panel settings. There is nothing within the upcoming Timbuktu Pro 4.0.2 update that addresses this problem."

CPU upgrade cards and DRTRY problem Regarding our report about Apple CPU upgrade cards not working in certain Power Computing models, because the cards do not enable DRTRY (Data-retry), Chris Breen notes that this problem extends beyond Apple cards. In a MacWEEK report written by Chris, Newer MAXpowr cards were the only ones that did not have this problem (although they were too tall to fit in the enclosure of some models).

PowerLogix G3 card and Adaptec Regarding our previous report that the PowerLogix G3 cards may interfere with the acceleration effect of the Adaptec card, Robert Jagitsch (of PowerLogix) asserts that no such problem has been identified by either PowerLogix or Adaptec. The original report may have been mistaken.

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