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<b>Cable modem &quot;health check&quot; error: follow-ups

Cable modem &quot;health check&quot; error: follow-ups


The health check problem item (posted last time) generated numerous responses. It sounds like a common and particularly irritating bug. No clear solution is offered yet, but here's what people are saying:

a. Larry Hare writes that he solved his health check problem by changing his OT/TCP setting from DHCP to BOOTP. He was using the RoadRunner service, but suspects the origin of the problem is with Open Transport software.

b. Jeff Keller is also using the RoadRunner service and also has the health check problem. He was told that it is not a problem with the Motorola modem or the RoadRunner service itself, but either with the login software (which is written by Toshiba) or Open Transport. In any case, he reports that the cable service is actively working to solve this - as it is generating many complaints.

c. Brad Roberts claims the problem is with the Toshiba login software - which he points out is long overdue for an update. He writes of some work-arounds that have been described on RoadRunner's newsgroups (only members have access to the groups).

d. James Priestley writes: "I have found identical health check problem with new Toshiba cable modem provided with Time-Warner RoadRunner hookup, except that I need not reboot, only logout then login anew. (RoadRunner is otherwise a dream come true.)"

e. Finally, another reader writes: "The cable modem health check problem also seems to occur on Toshiba Cable Modems model PCX101. I've been plagued with this problem for months and my cable company is still unable to solve it. They released a new version of their login program with a faster ping but the health check errors still happen, though less frequently. Very annoying problem."

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