<b>c. File sharing slow down with large volumes?

c. File sharing slow down with large volumes?


Bryan Harding claims that there is a significant slow down in performance when large volumes are being shared. For Bryan, this happened on both an 8500 and an 8100, with file sharing turned on for a 2Gb volume. Turning off file sharing in general or turning it off just for the large volume eliminated the slow down. Bryan was running Mac OS 7.6.1 at the time, although the problem may also exist in other Mac OS versions.

d. VirtualPC coming soon Connectix has a web page for VirtualPC. Expect the product to ship this month (Thanks, Michael Simmons).

e. MRP URL Eric Belsley reports that some users are having trouble accessing his site. As he informs me, the most likely reason is that they are using an now out-of-date IP address. Instead, use the main URL for the site: <http://www.macresource.pair.com/>. I guess the same principle applies to my site (since we use the same web host provider), although I have not gotten reports of problems.

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