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BBM gets video calling in BlackBerry 10

The popular BlackBerry Messenger instant messaging app adds video chat in new BlackBerry 10.

BBM now has video calling in BlackBerry 10. The popular BlackBerry Messenger instant messaging app adds video chats to the current text-based service.

BlackBerry 10 is the next generation of BlackBerry software, unveiled today on new phones the Z10 and Q10. Chat app BBM is the killer app for many BlackBerry users and adds video calling to text messages and recently-added online VoIP calls.

While making video calls, you can switch between front and rear camera, so the person on the other end can look up your nose or see what you're looking at.

And you can share what other apps are on your screen with the person on the other end, which is handy if you want to discuss a project you're both working on or just want to show something interesting to a friend.

Because it's free, BBM has proved popular with cash-strapped chatty Kathys who don't want to fork out for text messages, and has been a big hit with teenagers too. But with the rise of the iPhone and Android smart phones -- which are, let's face it, much sexier than BlackBerry -- video-calling apps like Apple's FaceTime and free messaging apps like WhatsApp have chipped away at BBM's popularity.

Skype and WhatsApp are also arriving in the BlackBerry World app store ready to download to your new phone, which may threaten BBM even on actual BlackBerry phones. 

Can video calling help BBM beat its rivals? Are you a BBManiac, or does your Android IM app best BBM? Chat away in the comments or on our Facebook page.