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BBC urged to become UK's "open-source media platform"

The BBC is considering a massive new step to open sourcing its content for to the world.

In one of the most exciting experiments of our time, the UK's British Broadcasting Company (BBC) is considering ways to open source its content:

"The broadcast era is finished," [Steve Bowbrick of the BBC's new openness campaign] says. "The BBC needs to provide web tools and a new generation of methods and resources that will boost [its] capital, but that will also use the BBC as a platform for promoting the individuals, organisations and businesses that make up UK plc."

What could the BBC create? It sits on a vast content resource, much of which is already being digitised under the BBC Archive scheme.

The BBC is now considering making that content available to the world, not merely to be seen but also to be modified and re-distributed in new and exciting ways. Think about that. The BBC has helped to create some of the world's most iconic programming, from Monty Python to Pride and Prejudice.

Remixing Mr. Darcy? I can't wait.