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BBC Red Button services head to Virgin Media TiVo

The BBC Red Button is coming to TiVo for bonus news and sport content.

The BBC Red Button is coming to TiVo. Bonus news and sport content can be yours at the touch of a button on your Virgin Media TiVo box some time next year.

The BBC Sport app and BBC News app will offer interactive extras from the 2012 Olympics in London, Wimbledon, Euro 2012 and the BBC's truncated line-up of Formula 1 races.

The Red Button on TiVo will include the live streams from the BBC's existing Red Button service, as well as let you watch video streams on-demand, and additional content from BBC Online.

TiVo is Virgin Media's clever set-top box that learns what you like and records shows it thinks you'll like. Rate your recordings and TiVo will get to know your tastes. Presently, pressing the red button on your TiVo remote takes you to the BBC's catch-up service iPlayer.

The BBC Red Button allows viewers to join in with programmes by playing games and watching extra coverage, or watching a different game to that being shown on the regular telly. News, travel and weather updates, competition results, CBeebies games and other information are also available. Around 13 million UK adults press red every week.

The BBC News app will launch first, before the end of March. The BBC Sport app will follow soon after.

Do you regularly press red? Which shows and events make good use of the bonus button? Tell us what red button extras you'd like to see in the comments or on our Facebook page.