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BBC overhauls its podcast discovery service

The BBC puts out over 200 individual podcasts, and has just revamped its podcast directory to make them easier than ever to browse and listen to. We have to admit it's pretty impressive

You'll know CNET UK has a truly stunning, informative and hilarious weekly podcast. But we've only got one. The BBC has about a billion. And as a UK licence-fee payer, you've just paid for Auntie's brand-new podcast directory, so we thought we'd tell you. Because it's actually really good.

So we exaggerated a little: the real number of individual podcasts the BBC puts out is just over 200. Shows from all the national radio stations are made available for download as MP3 files, along with podcasts from individual regions around the UK. And these can be further filtered by genre, topic or content.

The homepages for each show -- Five Live's Wake Up To Money, for example -- give links for instant subscription with your favourite podcasting software, such as iTunes, Google Reader or even the app for managing Microsoft's Zune -- an MP3 player only available in the US, where listeners don't pay the Beeb's licence fee. How kind.

You can, of course, just listen to shows in your browser, should you be unable to download MP3s for whatever reason.

To get started browsing, hit up, where you'll find the new directory, and have a play. You're paying for it, so you might as well see if you want to use it.