<b>b. A Netscape security leak

b. A Netscape security leak


Speaking of Netscape, CNNfn is reporting a "serious new flaw that affects all versions of Netscape Communications Corp.'s popular Navigator Internet browser software The bug makes it possible for Web-site operators to read anything stored on the hard drive of a PC logged on to the Web site." It was not entirely clear to me if "all versions" also includes Mac versions. (Thanks, Adrian Penalo and MacInTouch.)

Update: The security leak does affect Mac OS systems. As reported in Macworld Daily, Netscape is already at work on a fix - which should appear in about two weeks. Netscape also has a security update on the subject. (Thanks, Frank Danella.)

c. Resetting Power Manager and the Mac's clock As previously reported here, Tech Info Library file #0021219 (also posted in the April 30 Info Alley) stated that resetting the Power Manager on a PowerBook 3400 will reset the Mac's internal clock back to 1904. This is not correct. According to my source at Apple, "the clock will only reset if you disconnect of the backup battery."

d. Power Mac 4400 Mac OS oddity The 4400 ships with its own special version of System 7.5.3: System 7.5.3 Enabler 827. This version cannot be updated to 7.5.5. Further, as already reported, it is also one of several recent models that cannot be updated to 7.6; nor can it use the 7.6.1 Updater. Its only current upgrade path is to get and install the "full" version of Mac OS 7.6.1. (Thanks, Jack Hogan.)

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