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Bay's box connects small offices

Bay Networks is releasing a new integrated hardware and software box targeted at offices with less than 20 PCs that want to implement Web access using a single IP address.

Bay Networks (BAY) will release a new version of its integrated hardware and software package for Net access targeted for small offices that connect to the Web through a dial-up account.

The new integrated hardware and software box, called the Instant Internet 100 and to be released at Comdex, is targeted at offices with fewer than 20 PCs that want Web access using a single IP address. This address serves as the interconnection point for incoming and outgoing data going to and from the Web.

Bay already ships a version of Instant Internet for networks with 100 or fewer PCs. Now the company is targeting smaller operations with more stringent budgets, according to Jonathan Schmidt, chief technology officer of Bay's Internet CPE division.

The package is intended to bring the Net to the small-business market through a piece of hardware that is easy to connect and a collection of software programs that allows the device to be easily configured and managed, Schmidt said. The bundle supports both Ethernet and Token Ring-based local networks as well as Microsoft Windows, Unix, Apple Computer Macintosh, and IBM OS/2 clients.

The Instant Internet 100 is available immediately. Pricing for the box depends on the connection: $750 for a 33.6 kbps analog modem; $950 for 56 kbps; $950 for 128 kbps ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network).