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Baylis wind-up MP3 player is no joke

CNET's Donald Bell reviews the Baylis Revolution wind-up MP3 player.

If you're thinking about going green in 2009, the Baylis Revolution wind-up MP3 player may let you inch down your carbon footprint ever so slightly.

Photo of Baylis Revolution MP3 player.
Click for Baylis Revolution photo gallery. CBS Interactive

I know it's unforgiveably anachronistic to have a hand-crank slapped on the side of an MP3 player, but before you dismiss this as pure novelty, let me say that I was surprised to find that the Revolution isn't a half bad MP3 player. Sure, it's thicker than a bar of soap, but if you're ever trapped on a desert island the Revolution puts the iPod to shame.

The Baylis Revolution includes music, video, and photo playback, and comes with FM radio, voice recording, line-input recording, and radio recording features, as well. Oh, and did we mention it has a built-in flashlight? It has a friggin' flashlight!

One minute of cranking should buy you about 45 minutes of music on the Revolution, but you can charge it over USB as well. At full charge, you'll get 48 hours of audio playback.

The Baylis Revoltion sells for $179 (4GB) and $209 (8GB) online. To learn more, read our full review over at CNET Reviews.