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Battlefield 3 multiplayer videos arrive en masse

Official and unofficial video and pictures from Battlefield 3's multiplayer mode has emerged, and it is really delicious.

October 25 can't come soon enough. EA/DICE

A new official trailer and some unofficial video for Battlefield 3's multiplayer mode has emerged over the last several days.

The 1-minute trailer reveals a frenzied firefight in the new map Operation Metro (located in Paris). After flashing between a few locations within the area, the video kicks off with a squad rushing forward while a tank fires at an unknown number of enemies ahead.

DICE/EA waste no time in promoting the hype surrounding the game by flashing a graphic that shows 80 E3 2011 award nominations and then a few seconds later shows that the anticipated FPS won 47 awards during the massive gaming convention.

The video flashes back to some more explosive action, this time set in the subway beneath La Ville-Lumiere. A group of enemies with lights attached to their weapons fire directly at the camera, but the person in the video has no problem wiping them out, and then executing a pretty stellar knife kill shortly after. Another scene is then presented, revealing the entry area to the subway (which looks a lot like Terminal from Modern Warfare 2) that is rippling with gunfire. The final scene in the trailer shows a rocket striking the second floor of a building, while large chunks fall and kill two players below. This is shaping up to be a near masterpiece of murderous mayhem.

Can't get enough of Battlefield 3? Check out this unofficial 7-minute video montage of multiplayer action. There are also 50 leaked Battlefield 3 alpha screenshots at the fan site Battlefield 3 Blog. Marksmen (and women) who haven't felt satisfied yet may be interested in the short "Sneaky Sniper" video captured during alpha multiplayer testing.