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Battle for handheld market heats up

The highly touted Handspring device hits the shelves while IBM kills one of its own Windows CE gadgets. Meanwhile, 3Com looks to stay ahead of the pack with a device it says will outsell the Palm Pilot.


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Palm continues to command a vast majority of the handheld computing market, but that doesn't mean others aren't trying. Rival Handspring is finally arriving in retail outlets, while parent company 3Com touts a new device it hopes will outsell the Palm. Meanwhile, IBM dumps one of the less popular Windows CE devices.


Handspring to hit retail shelves
The handheld computer maker will begin selling its devices in retail stores, the company says, a significant Visor handheld milestone for the start-up.

IBM pulls plug on Windows CE device
While Microsoft is pulling out all the stops for the launch next month of its struggling Pocket PC, manufacturers of some of the less popular Windows CE devices are re-evaluating their plans.

3Com unveils new Palm-like Net device
The company will launch a consumer Internet appliance this summer it hopes will be bigger than Palm.