Battery upgrade gives iPod a charge

FastMac has created some buzz among those iPod users disappointed with the lifespan of their music player's original battery.

iPod battery upgrade
Credit: FastMac

The Salinas, Calif.-based company last week announced an iPod battery upgradethat utilizes nanoparticle technology to extend battery capacity by up to 70 percent for first-, second- and third-generation iPods, a spokesman said. It also comes with a rare two-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee and will

The battery upgrade costs $39.95 for the first two generations, and $29.95 for the third. It uses a patented technology codenamed "TruePower," which prevents damage to the battery's internal lithium crystal matrix caused by power spikes and holds more of its charge further into the future, said company official Michael Lowermilk. "This really is the last battery your iPod will ever need," he said.

All the necessary tools and installation instructions are included, he added. But FastMac, which designs and manufactures Apple product enhancements, is also offering an iPod battery upgrade program for an additional $49.95, which includes shipping, installation and a 48-hour turnaround.

Consumers at Ipodlounge, Spymac and Mac Observer were mostly excited about the battery upgrade. Some, however, were skeptical because the company's press material and FAQs don't say exactly how many hours the battery will last. But Lowermilk said that's because it depends what type of run time users are getting out of their existing battery. For example, if they were getting 10 hours of life on their original first-generation iPod, they can expect 17 hours with the upgrade.

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