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Batter up! Mix, blend doughs with ease

Mixing batters by hand is a simple matter with the Batter Blender.

The Batter Blender Wilton

Even though my mixer takes a lot of the work out of mixing doughs and batters, there are still a few recipes that leave me reaching for a spoon. Some recipes, like brownies, just bake better when they're mixed by hand because a mixer will overmix the batter--usually still missing clumps of the dry ingredients--and activate the gluten in the flour making a tough brownie. But a spoon just isn't the perfect tool to mix batters: it can't break up clumps and batter can cling to it. The Batter Blender offers an alternative that makes hand mixing that much easier. The Batter Blender has a silicone head that is heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, making it doubly useful when you can't find a whisk. The head has a scalloped tip, ideal for breaking up clumps. The Batter Blender works well for scrapping and spreading batter, as well.

The Batter Blender is 11 inches long, making it useful with deep mixing bowls, and the head of the blender is long and solid with four angled blades. It is available from Wilton, the source of great baking supplies, and was designed with more efficient mixing in mind. You can find the Batter Blender for $7.99.