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Battech iPower 3-in-1 iPhone charger

If your iPhone regularly runs out of battery when you're out and about, you should invest in something like the Battech battery pack -- it doubles up as a USB data cable

iPhone users are well known for whipping out their pride and joy at the least excuse, to browse the Web, listen to music and even make phone calls. But all this narcissistic showing off results in a rapidly drained battery. In an attempt to make sure you've always got enough juice, iPhone lovers, it's definitely worth investing in a portable charger. But Battech -- a company that sounds like it's owned by Bruce Wayne -- has come up with something even better.

Combining a USB data cable that works as a USB charger and comes with a built-in battery pack, this compact device is very handy indeed. When you want to transfer music or charge your iPhone up using your PC, you simply plug it into your computer, but you can also plug it in when you're out and about too.

The in-wire battery pack is charged up when you hook up the USB cable to your PC, so when you're on the move and need some extra juice, all you have to do is plug it into your iPhone or iPod. According to Battech, the power pack will give you 30 hours of music or up to 90 minutes of talk time, which could be a literal lifesaver. You can buy a Battech iPower 3-in-1 power pack for £25 from its online shop.