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Batmobile sideswipes Superman in Zack Snyder's tweeted teaser

Check out what happens when Batman takes on Superman with his Batmobile. There's some scowling involved.

Superman isn't best buddies with Batman.

Video screenshot by Danny Gallagher/CNET

If you've been keeping track of the various trailers for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," you will have noticed the two famous superheroes aren't exactly besties. Director Zack Snyder dropped a fresh teaser on Twitter on Saturday. It's short, but it has enough intrigue to keep fans talking ahead of the film's late-March debut in theaters.

The footage involves one fast scene, less than 30 seconds long, with Superman, Batman and the muscular new Batmobile.

Previous teasers have shown plenty of scowling between Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill). We already got a brief dramatic scene involving Superman unmasking a chained Batman and a full-on three-minute trailer displaying the burgeoning antagonism between the pair.

Snyder seems to have released the new clip to celebrate the start of the NFL playoffs this weekend. The tweet includes the hashtags "#BatmanvSuperman," "#Wildcard," and "#NFLPlayoffs."

The superhero blockbuster isn't just about Batman and Superman. The film also features Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Jesse Eisenberg as archvillain Lex Luthor. Luthor sports a full head of hair in the trailers, so we'll have to wait to see if, when or how he goes bald and adopts the classic look from the comic books.

Snyder's Superman-smashing Batmobile teaser is worth re-watching a few times. You'll pick up little details, like the Batmobile landing in a blaze up against some pumps labeled with "Gotham City Gas." Superman looks completely unconcerned as the vehicle hurtles toward him. Affleck shows off his growly Bat-voice. The teaser does exactly what it's supposed to: make you feel even more excited about seeing the two heroes face off on film.