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Fans think Batman villain casting is a Deathstroke of genius

Turns out that "True Blood" veteran Joe Manganiello will play the baddie seen in that mysterious video Ben Affleck recently shared.

A-oooooo! Werewolves of Gotham! Actor Joe Manganiello confirmed on Thursday that he'll be playing Batman villain Deathstroke in the next Caped Crusader movie, retweeting a The Wall Street Journal article announcing the news.

Manganiello played werewolf Alcide Herveaux in HBO's "True Blood," but he's mixed some superhero with his supernatural roles. He also played Spider-Man bully Flash Thompson in the Sam Raimi film trilogy about the web-crawler.

Fans learned just a few weeks ago that Deathstroke would be Batman's new film nemesis, when star Ben Affleck tweeted 27 seconds of video showing the costumed character, footage that Manganiello retweeted. The film has no official release date, though the Journal notes 2018 would be the earliest it could hit theaters.

How was the casting news received? Let's just say fans on Twitter consider it a Deathstroke of genius.