Batman makes an arrest (no, really)

A man dressed in a Batman costume is no comic con. Indeed, he arrests a wanted man and takes him to a police station. This was, sadly, in England, rather than Gotham.

And the streets of West Yorkshire were safer. West Yorkshire Police

No one knows who Batman really is.

But when he arrests you and takes you to the police station, you know you're in trouble.

No, I haven't been reading comics or feasting on old episodes of Adam West and Burt Ward.

I've been reading the Guardian, which informs me that CCTV images released by police in West Yorkshire, England, reveal that a caped crusader marched a wanted man into a police station and handed him over to the authorities.

There is no evidence of there having been a struggle. Just as there is no evidence of a large, winged car parked in the police station's parking lot.

Indeed, the man looked a little more portly than the Batmans of legend or Hollywood.

Moreover, the footage revealed a curious lack of POW! or SPLAT! in the interaction between Batman and his captive.

It is possible that the two knew each other and had reached a mutual decision for the alleged criminal -- wanted on charges of fraud and handling stolen goods -- to turn himself in.

The Telegraph reports that this Batman was grabbing the alleged criminal by the collar and told the police at Trafalgar House station: "I've caught this one for you."

My imagination tells me that Batman is, in fact, an IT guy whose dream it had always been to play out his comic fantasy.

I have an alternative scenario too: There was a bet between the two. The loser had to dress in a Batman costume.

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