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Batman joins forces with Lego for epic Tumbler kit

Lego supervillains will quake in their plastic boots when you build this official Lego set of Batman's beefiest Batmobile.

Lego Tumbler
This should intimidate your other Lego minifigs. Lego

Lego Batman has a new weapon in the war on comic-book villains. Lego is rolling out a highly detailed Tumbler kit, turning the beefed-up Batmobile from "Batman Begins" into a tough-looking model crafted from plastic bricks which are mostly ink-black.

The Tumbler is famous for its unusual angular look, which the kit appears to replicate admirably. It's going to be quite a project for fans seeing as it contains 1,869 pieces and measures over 15 inches long. Naturally, you'll need a superhero to drive it. The kit includes Batman and Joker minifigs.

While the Tumbler is impressive on the outside, perhaps the best feature is the attention to detail inside the cockpit. It comes with readout screens, including one that reads "Intimidate." There's another screen showing two cop cars, lights blazing, hot in pursuit from behind.

The set comes with a nameplate that lists the Tumbler's impressive stats, such as weighing 2.5 tons with a max speed over 200 mph and a 1500-horsepower jet turbine engine. You'll have to provide your own engine noises as you rev the beast around Lego Gotham, which you will also have to build yourself.

The Tumbler will be available in September for $199 (£117). That's a big price for a big Lego set, but it's not bad compared to the $1.55 million a racing team spent to build a full-size Tumbler replica last year.

Lego Batman and Joker
The set comes with movie-style Batman and Joker. Lego

(Via Pocket-lint)