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'Batcat v Supercat' is sheer superhero movie purr-fection

Meowza! Fabulous felines rewrite film hiss-tory with a pawsome take on the theater blockbuster. Can you tell we like puns?

Where the superheroes of the disappointing "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" failed us, the caped clawsomeness of "Batcat v Supercat" is our salvation.

It's just an ordinary day for Supercat until he spots an Animal Control van, and then takes off, faster than a speeding laser pointer, more powerful than a whole batch of catnip, able to leap tall litter boxes in a single bound. Next, laser-eyed Batcat gets involved, and they're off. Don't miss the cattitude-filled Jokercat in a cameo. If you have a happy flashback to the "Laser Cats" sketch on "Saturday Night Live," you're not alone.

Don't miss the behind-the-scenes video, in which creator Kaipo Jones explains how Supercat actually stretches out in a purr-fect Superman pose quite often, but refuses to do it when wearing a cape in front of the green screen. "Cats," he says with a sigh. "They kind of do their own thing."