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Basting pot protects sauce and hands

When grilling, basting is a must. But it always seems to turn into a mess, resulting in sticky hands if you're lucky and a few burns if you aren't. The Basting Pot and Brush can save you from both.

It takes a careful eye at the grill, along with a steady hand, to grill up moist chicken or juicy steaks. A good basting during the cooking process can help those flavors along. Most basting brushes don't work too well with a grill, though. Even if I can leave a brush near the grill somewhere safe, it seems that the local wildlife is bound to get interested in whatever I'm using to baste my food. Maybe it's just me, but I'm not too found of basting with a sauce that flies have been diving into.

That's the nice thing about Williams-Sonoma's new Basting Sauce Pot and Brush, though. It's covered, with the brush built right into the lid. The whole thing is heat proof: the metal is obviously so, but the silicone brush is rated heatproof to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a handle and guard so that when the heatproof parts absorb heat, it doesn't wind up transferring to your hands.

The whole setup is dishwasher-safe, which I find an absolutely necessary quality for any kitchen gadget I buy. If I have to wash it by hand, I'm never going to use it--and then what's the point of buying it? The Basting Sauce Pot and Brush is only available through Williams-Sonoma.

Basting Sauce Pot and Brush Williams-Sonoma