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Bask in the glow of this 'Breaking Bad'-inspired LookaLite

This little hazmat-clad lamp packs a lot of character and is the perfect companion for a little late-night cooking.

Yo, Mr. Light!Firebox

Ever since the AMC series "Breaking Bad" wrapped in September 2013, the world has been a dimmer place for true fans of the series. Fortunately for them, online retailer Firebox has introduced something that can help brighten up even the darkest "I miss Walter White" moments.

It's called a LookaLite (Firebox makes Star Wars LookaLites as well) and is a small battery-operated lamp featuring a character dressed in a yellow hazmat suite with a lampshade depicting White's trademark gas mask. The lamp is supposed to evoke more than one cook, though.

"Sporting the iconic yellow hazmat suit and gas mask, this chubby little bedside lamp is a sentimental celebration of Pinkman and Heisenberg in their pomp," says the product description. "Its squat and cartoon-style design bears an uncanny resemblance to Jesse when he got bored and tried to inflate his overalls."

Because the lamp only measures about 10 inches high and runs on three AAA batteries, the retailers point out that "you can easily hide it if the DEA come a-knocking." Plus, when you turn it on, you can always give it a "Yo, Mr. Light" shoutout to rekindle the spirit of Jesse and Walter whenever you're in need of a dose of Bad.

The LookaLite retails for $31.49 and is available to ship globally. Converted, that would be about £20 or AU$35. It would definitely be one of the more unique holiday gifts you could give this year -- perhaps along with a set of Bathing Bad bath salts?