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Wearable Tech

​Basis Peak update adds Apple Health, Google Fit support, improved heart-rate tracking coming soon

Basis also announced a premium titanium edition of the Peak activity tracker, along with a new line of leather straps.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Basis Peak owners can now sync data with Google Fit and Apple Health. The added integration comes via an update to the Peak mobile app. Additionally, a new feature called Basis Peak Playground is launching alongside the app update and allows users to get an early look at experimental features and provide feedback.

Basis, which is owned by Intel, also announced Tuesday that a firmware update to the Peak will soon add a stopwatch feature and deliver improved heart-rate tracking to the activity tracker. Improvements to heart-rate detection will reportedly improve monitoring in both normal and active usage situations, such as when walking, running or biking. The firmware update is slated to arrive on May 20.

The Basis Peak , which was announced last September, is capable of tracking steps taken each day, calories burned and automatically tracking sleep at night. It also includes a continuous heart-rate sensor, personalized activity goals and smartphone notifications.


In our review of the Peak , CNET editor Scott Stein pointed out that the tracker wasn't particularly attractive to look at. Basis appears to have heard our concerns, and has announced a new Basis Peak Titanium Edition. The updated tracker shares the same features as earlier Peak models, however the design has been upgraded with a satin-finish titanium case that resists scratches and corrosion.

Alongside the new watch, Basis is also releasing five new leather straps for the Peak. The new straps are made of genuine Italian leather and include quick release pins for easy swapping. The five colors are: noir (black), fog (grey), saddle (caramel), khaki (light tan) and blush (light pink).

The new leather straps and titanium Basis Peak are available now from the Basis website. The titanium Basis Peak can be picked up for $300, while the straps are priced at $50 each. International pricing wasn't announced, although the US price directly converts to about £191 in the UK and AU$375 in Australia for the titanium Peak, and £32, AU$63 for the leather straps.