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Basis Band gains fresh style

A trio of artist-designed wrist straps gives the Basis Band new pizzazz.

Basis Science

Basis Science, the maker of the Basis Band fitness gadget, announced today three splashy wrist straps. The company hopes the straps will bring a fresh dose of chic to the fitness-minded smartwatch.

Named with evocative titles such as Electric Spring, Carbon Steel, and Cityscape, each strap accessory features a distinctive aesthetic. Cityscape ($34.95) uses a black and white street scene motif, whereas Carbon Steel ($49.95) is made from stainless steel and soft silicone.

The Electric Spring strap ($34.95) is the most daring of all, with wildly colored patterns reminiscent of ink drops and flowers.

If you're not familiar with the Basis Band, here's a quick rundown of what its does: Essentially the advanced timepiece is loaded up with sensors to read heart rate, movement, perspiration, and skin temperature. Designed to be worn around the clock, it then uses the data received to measure your activity and sleep automatically. A recent Android mobile app adds the wireless syncing of your stats to compatible smartphones.