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Baseball's steroid report available online

The so-called Mitchell report can be found at the Web site of Major League Baseball.

For those interested in checking whether their favorite professional baseball player is a cheat, Major League Baseball has posted a report on steroid use among current and former players.

Miguel Tejada allegedly paid by check for steroids Major League Baseball

The 304-page report can be found at (PDF). The document is the result of an investigation conducted by former Senator George Mitchell, who is scheduled to hold a press conference this morning.

MLB executives hired Mitchell in 2006.

Mitchell rounded up the usual suspects in his report, such as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Gary Sheffield, and the brothers, Jason and Jeremy Giambi. But among the surprise players implicated by Mitchell are Miguel Tejada, Kevin Brown, David Justice, Lenny Dykstra and Paul Lo Duca.

A spokesman for Major League Baseball Advanced Media, the group that oversees league's digital operations, said the group is prepared to handle any kind of spike in Web site traffic.