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Baseball's gadget heads step up for the iPhone's Peter Gammons found several major leaguers who had to find creative ways to get their hands on an iPhone without missing a game.

Some multimillionaire Major League Baseball players needed special connections to get their hands on one of Apple's iPhones this past weekend.'s Peter Gammons (paid subscription required) found two Detroit Tigers, Justin Verlander and Curtis Granderson, who used their inside connections at Apple retail stores to score an iPhone. The Detroit players, in the middle of a tough series against the Minnesota Twins during iPhone weekend, texted some buddies at Apple stores to inquire about iPhone availablility and have a few set aside.

Nothing goes better with baseball than beer--and now, iPhones. Casimir Fornalski/CNET

It was a little easier for the San Francisco Giants' Brad Hennessey, who works not too far away from the downtown San Francisco Apple store. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, he simply walked up the street Friday night--after giving up a 10th-inning homer to lose the game for the woeful Giants--to pick up his iPhone a little after 11 p.m., long after the crowds in line had left.

Baseball players are rich young men with a lot of downtime between games, which makes them perfect targets for consumer electronics companies. But iPods have also become popular as study aids for players, who can put a season's worth of at-bats or opposing pitchers on their music player to prepare for an upcoming game. Check back later this year for a special report on how the sports world--even tradition-bound baseball--is becoming more and more high-tech.