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Baseball, golf, or tennis your game? Meet your swing

The multisport sensor and platform from Zepp Labs is designed to give baseball and tennis players, as well as golfers, the most information possible about their swing.

Zepp's multisport sensor provides an instant 3D, 360-degree view of an athlete's swing. Daniel Terdiman/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- You might think that most Major League Baseball teams know everything there is to know about their hitters, but to hear Zepp Labs tell it, there's plenty of unknowns about batters' swings.

That's where Zepp and its multisport sensor comes into play.

At CES on Sunday, Zepp showed off the sensor, and the accompanying platform, which together are designed to give any baseball or tennis player or golfer, the most information possible about their swing. In real time.

Zepp's sensor, which mounts on a baseball bat or tennis racquet or a special golf glove, has two build-in accelerometers, as well as a gyro sensor, and is designed to measure an athlete's swing and provide instant feedback in the form of a 3D, 360-degree visualization of the swing, as well as a set of data that includes the speed of the swing. Athletes can view all that information on either an iOS or Android app, which connects to the sensor wirelessly.

Zepp said that Major League Baseball teams like the San Francisco Giants are interested in the technology as a way of helping their hitters learn as much as they can about their swings in order to maximize their potential. But the company said that the sensor is also designed for little leaguers, and everyone in between.

Although the sensor is agnostic, Zepp offers $150 kits for each of the three sports, and special mounts for each that cost an additional $10. Zepp offers a dedicated app for each of the three sports and may add more sports in the future.