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Baseball Boyfriend app: Fantasy fun or insultingly immature?

It's Valentine's Day, and love is in the air and on the baseball diamond. A new fantasy baseball app, Baseball Boyfriend, plays up the hunky side of the game.

Baseball Boyfriend app screenshot
That Lance Berkman is such a dreamboat. Baseball Boyfriend

Spring training has barely begun, but Baseball Boyfriend already has people thinking about which player they would most like to "date" this season.

Baseball Boyfriend app pirate screenshot
Shiver me timbers, there's a pirate version. (Click to enlarge.) Baseball Boyfriend

Baseball Boyfriend is a $2.99 mini-game add-on to CBS Sports' fantasy baseball offerings. (Disclosure: CNET is published by CBS Interactive, a unit of CBS.) Users choose a single draftee and collect points based on the player's performance. You can keep or dump a draftee, depending on his stats and your level of emotional attachment.

The app offers three looks: clean, original, and pirate. The original look could have been cobbled from a love-struck preteen's Justin Bieber scrapbook, complete with little hearts scribbled around. The pirate look adds eye patches and a bit of pirate-speak. Yarrr.

There has been a mild kerfuffle over the app concept. Is it demeaning to pander to ladies with dating metaphors and puppy love trappings? Do women need man candy to be interested in baseball?

I'm chiming in as both a woman and a Cubs fan. I'm not about to fantasy-date Ryan Dempster, but I'm not bothered if somebody else wants to.

Baseball Boyfriend players still have to be part of a regular CBS Sports fantasy league. That would imply that they are more than just casual fans drawn in by hunky beefcake photos. Theoretically, they have to understand stats like RBIs, saves, quality starts, and stolen bases in order to excel at the game.

So go ahead, ladies. Draft yourself a baseball hunk, but don't keep him around just for his good looks. He'd better have a good batting average too.