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BASE jumper's terrifying 1,000-foot fall caught on GoPro

Extreme-sports junkie Matthew Gough's parachute malfunctioned, but he sustained only minor injuries while catching his entire, horrifying descent on a helmet cam.

This jump doesn't go as planned... Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

For many of us, the video below of Matthew Gough falling 1,000 feet after his parachute malfunctioned during a BASE jump is like watching a common nightmare brought to life.

Remarkably, the video bears even more similarities to that horrible falling dream than first meets the eye, in that in the end, everything -- including 25-year-old Gough himself -- is just fine.

The entire thing was captured on film, including from the vantage point of Gough's own helmet cam, which looks to be a GoPro Hero3.

Not only did Gough manage to survive the fall in Lake Garda, Italy, after his parachute opened backward and became twisted, but he hit the ground just inches from an assembly of pointed metal spikes. In fact, in a later interview, Gough said one of the spikes grazed the side of his face, separating his helmet from his head and perhaps breaking his fall a bit.

Now we all have a new association for the phrase "close shave."

Gough was taken to the hospital, treated for minor injuries, and released a few hours later. He says he plans to continue pursuing BASE jumping and other extreme sports. Somebody get this guy some Google Glass.

Watch the entire clip from SWNS TV below.