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Barron's: Steve Jobs is worth $20 billion

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is worth more to his company than any other CEO in the world, as much as $20 billion in market capitalization, according to the annual list of influential CEOs in Barron's Magazine.

In real life, Jobs isn't worth quite that much money, although once you get over a billion, who cares? But were he to leave Apple (willingly or unwillingly), the fallout would cost Apple $16 billion in stock market value, the magazine estimated. In the middle of the Monday trading day, Apple's market capitalization was $82 billion.

The article is behind a paid-subscription wall. But in a free video (for those who don't have any billions) posted on Barron's Web site, associate editor Andrew Bary puts the figure closer to $20 billion. Either way, Jobs is going to have to leave Apple at some juncture, and that day definitely won't be a good day for Apple investors.