GameStop stock jump Best mattress for 2021 Spotify audiobooks Firefox 85 Otter with Google Meet Stimulus checks: Mixed-status families Third stimulus check details opens up 39% in debut (Nasdaq: BNBN) made its market debut at 25 Tuesday after pricing its IPO of 25 million shares at $18 a share. Shares were up 6 to 24 in afternoon trading.

The initial 39 percent pop in could be attributed to two reasons. For starters, Internet stocks have been sluggish of late. But the primary reason could be the sheer girth of number of shares offered.'s 25 million shares are more than double the 10 million shares offered by Inc. (Nasdaq: PCLN). Most Internet IPOs have shares outstanding in the 5 million range. Amazon killer?
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Demand for was expected to be strong. Goldman Sachs upped the price range to $16 to $18 from $11 to $13 earlier on Monday.

Analysts said's offering was anxiously awaited as Wall Street looks for the next Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN).

" will do well because it has a brand name, but it's about two years behind Amazon," said Steven Tuen, research director for IPO Value Monitor.

Not surprisingly, Amazon and sound a lot alike.

In regulatory filings, said it plans to expand into new markets such as music, video and software. It also plans on pursuing acquisitions, joint ventures and other similar strategic investments and relationships with complementary businesses and companies.

Amazon has expanded its product offerings and bought stakes in upstarts such as, and

But derived 98 percent of its revenue from bookselling in 1998. The company launched its magazine and software online stores during 1998, and began a limited introduction of music and video products in late 1998. The full rollout is scheduled for 1999.'s first quarter sales were $32.3 million compared Amazon's $293.6 million. said it is still trying to catch up to Amazon, citing Amazon's "longer online operating history and larger existing customer base." lost $20 million in the first quarter. For 1998, lost $83 million on sales of $61.8 million. Since inception, the company has accumulated net losses of $116.9 million through March 31.