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Barnes & Noble makes October 20 event official

The company has sent out invitations for a New York event that day, with speculation that the bookseller will launch its own brand of e-book reader.

Barnes & Noble has sent invitations to select media for an October 20 event in New York. Many expect the company to launch its own brand of e-book reader. CNET

Barnes & Noble has sent out invitations to a New York event next week, where many expect the company will launch its own electronic-book model.

"Barnes & Noble cordially invites you to a major event in the company's history," Barnes & Noble said in an invitation received by CNET News. The launch comes conveniently (especially for this San Francisco-based reporter) two days before Microsoft uses New York as the launch pad for Windows 7.

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Barnes & Noble is working on its own e-reader to rival products from Amazon and Sony. Barnes & Noble has already struck deals to serve as the bookstore for e-readers made by others, including Plastic Logic.

The company launched its own book-reading software in July, following its March purchase of

Back in 2000, Barnes & Noble launched an e-book store, but discontinued sales of electronic books three years later.