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Barnes & Noble brings Nook Color to Target

The company is selling its Nook Simple Touch Reader at Target stores nationwide, as well.

Nook Color
Nook Color Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is now selling its Nook Color and Nook Simple Touch Reader at Target stores, the company announced today.

The devices hit Target store shelves yesterday, Barnes & Noble said. The Nook Color, which comes with Android and a 7-inch display, retails for $249. The 6-inch, e-ink-equipped Nook Simple Touch Reader sells for $139.

As a new retail partner for Barnes & Noble, Target joins other companies that currently sell the book retailer's devices, including Best Buy, Office Max, and Wal-Mart, in addition to Barnes & Noble's own stores.

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Barnes & Noble's partnership with Target comes more than a year after Amazon inked a Kindle retail partnership with the mega-retailer. Amazon's Kindle continues to be sold at Target.

Speaking of the Kindle, Amazon announced last week an update to its line of e-readers, led by the Kindle Fire tablet. That device, which comes with Android and a 7-inch display, retails for $199, making it a cheaper option than the Nook Color. The Kindle Fire is slated to launch next month.