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Barksdale takes Amazon profits

Netscape's chief executive files to sell 2,558 shares of his stock, worth nearly $270,000 at current prices.

Dell's top dog, Michael Dell, and Netscape Communications chief executive Jim Barksdale both have filed to unload some of their shares in online bookseller

Barksdale has filed to sell 2,558 shares of his stock, worth nearly $270,000 at current prices, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Dell has filed to sell 2,200 shares valued at $100,936, according to the filing.

The disclosure comes amid a sharp run-up in Internet stocks of late, and of stock in particular. The retailer's stock closed at 99.5 today, down 6 points over yesterday.'s share price has more than doubled since April.

The regulatory filing does not guarantee that Barksdale or Dell will go ahead with their sales. It was not known if either executive owns additional shares.

A Netscape spokeswoman declined to comment.

In April, Barksdale filed to sell nearly 51,000 shares of @Home, about 43 percent of his total stake worth more than $1.7 million at that time. Barksdale earned only $1 in salary from Netscape last year, but holds a more than 6.2 percent stake in the software maker.

Barksdale recently increased his holdings in Netscape, whose shares also have surged recently.