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Barclays launches its own Android Pay rival for contactless payments

Barclays Contactless Mobile will allow customers to make payments using Android phones at 400,000 locations throughout the UK.


Not comfortable with waiting for Google's Android Pay to launch in the UK, Barclays has launched its own contactless payment alternative, called -- you guessed it -- Barclays Contactless Mobile.

Barclays customers can register their credit and debit cards using Barclays' Android app and then make contactless payments by tapping an NFC-enabled phone on contactless terminals in stores. It's just the same as using Android Pay in the US, or indeed Apple Pay with the iPhone in the UK.

Barclays says the service will work with 400,000 contactless locations around the country, including London's transport network, TfL. As with other contactless services, there's a £30 limit on any single transaction.

Android Pay is expected to launch imminently in the UK. Barclays was a late arrival to Apple Pay, and has so far said that it doesn't plan to support Google's service at launch.