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Turn your regular watch into a smart watch for contactless payments

Attach the bPay Loop to your existing watch and use it to make contactless payments, just like your Apple Watch-wearing buddies.


If you fancy using a smart watch to buy your lunch in Pret, but don't want to get rid of that classic traditional timepiece, Barclaycard might have the solution for you.

It's called bPay Loop, and it essentially lets you stick Barclaycard's bPay contactless tech onto the strap of your existing watch. Once there, you can wave your watch over contactless terminals at tills, just like your Apple Watch-toting friends, to buy purchases under £30.

bPay already exists in the form of a full wristband -- and even sewn into a special jacket -- but the Loop is a little less intrusive and helps make your traditional watch a little more smart. You don't need to be a Barclaycard customer to use the technology. Once you set up a bPay account you simply add funds from any bank account to use the service.

The bPay Loop costs £20 from bPay's website.