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Barbie Star Trek Orion slave-girl doll dances into reality

An iconic Star Trek alien known for a seductive shimmy scene arrives as a limited-edition scantily clad Barbie doll.


Orion society is really pretty complicated.


Before there was Captain Kirk, there was Captain Pike. Footage of Pike from the original Star Trek pilot episode "The Cage" was reused for a two-parter called "The Menagerie." That's how audiences first met a woman named Vina, who appears in the guise of a green-skinned Orion slave girl in one scene. Toy company Mattel is now rendering that iconic alien look in Barbie doll form for a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.

The concept of slave girls is problematic, but fans of the show "Enterprise" know how that most recent Trek TV series dealt with the issue by turning the tables. Orion women are actually the ones who run the alien society. It's just ignorant outsiders who think they're helpless slaves.

The doll can be preordered for $50 (about £35, AU$67) from Mattel and picked up in person at Comic-Con. It will complete the set for collectors who own the recently announced 50th-anniversary Kirk, Spock and Uhura Barbie dolls. Now we just need a pink Enterprise NCC-1701 playset for our heroes to pilot on their otherworldly Barbie adventures.