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Barbells for audiophiles

Someone finds yet another new use for old CDs.

Danny Seo

Can you place this '80s movie quote?

"I feel great! Just ordered some more vitamins and stuff. I was just exercising. I taped a 20-minute workout and played it back at high speed on my machine so it only took 10 minutes. I got a great workout." (Answer below.)

We found the perfect workout tool for this nerd. Yes, you are looking at a picture of a barbell made from used CDs.

Make features a lot of interesting DIY projects for our kind, but this one is truly a recycling invention only the nerdiest of nerds could appreciate.

Danny Seo, who thought up the project, claims the CD barbell weighs 10 pounds using 75 CDs for each side.

I did my own little experiment to investigate this. According to my scale, a spindle of 100 blank CDs weighs approximately 4 pounds. So, using roughly 100 discs for each end of the homemade barbell would still only give you about 8 pounds to lift. OK, maybe more including the bar you attached.

I guess it's a step up from using soup cans.

(Answer: Rick Moranis as the ultra-efficient accountant Louis Tully in Ghostbusters.)