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Barack Obama dominates Twitter

Democratic presidential candidate has just become the most followed person on the microblogging site.

Sen. Barack Obama has already proven himself to be the most popular presidential candidate on the Internet, what with his more than 1.3 million Facebook supporters and lofty aims of 2 million online donors. Now the presumptive Democratic nominee is not only outshining other politicians on the Internet, but also the very stars of social networking--Obama has just overtaken Kevin Rose's spot as the most followed person on Twitter, according to Twitterholic.

By Twitterholic's last count, Obama stands at 56,661 followers, compared with Rose's 56,442. Obama also has the second highest number of friends on Twitter--59,338--according to Twitterholic, which calculates individual statistics for each Twitter user a couple of times a day. The candidate's Twitter page offers up such rousing tidbits of news as "Holding a town hall on economic security in St. Petersburg, FL."

But for all those followers, there just may be a few who don't feel sufficiently networked with the candidate. For those who want to be in-the-know about all things Obama--like his VP choice--a millisecond before millions of others, the candidate reminds us to sign up for his text message alerts.