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Obama assembles global leaders into Avengers (on Twitter)

International politics turns into a comic book in this Marvel-ous parody thread that orders presidents and prime ministers to suit up.

Even The Avengers had to start somewhere. On Tuesday, writer Oliver Willis tweeted out a photo of former President Barack Obama with German chancellor Angela Merkel and Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, giving it a Marvel-ous caption that suggested Obama was assembling the leaders into a certain superhero group. Maybe you've heard of them.

Willis' tweet soon gained super-speed, and by Wednesday, was retweeted more than 20,000 times and liked more than 53,000 times. And just like in the comic books, this Avengers universe is always adding members.

French president Emmanuel Macron stepped up.

And Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto.

And real leaders soon mixed with fictional when Cap heard the call.

Turns out there's a Skrull presence on Earth (one guess...), and the group has to call in a special agent. ("Renaissance" was Michelle Obama's Secret Service code name.)

And you just knew that glowing orb was going to show up.

"The inspiration comes mostly from me being a huge comic book fan and a political junkie (my job is as a political writer) and the thread just came up as a spur-of-the moment joke," Willis told CNET. "The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, with most of the people thanking me for a silly distraction from the negative news we've had every day since the election."

And of course, things end on a cliffhanger, so stay tuned.

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