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Bar-code coffee bar makes effortless brew

The Bosch Tassimo Titanium Single-Serve Beverage Brewer uses specialty packaging and bar-code reader technology.

No muss, no fuss. Bed Bath & Beyond

It's always been a dream to have kitchen appliances know what we want for dinner--or if not what we want to eat, at least how to make it. From the popcorn button on our microwaves to toaster ovens with preset functions, kitchen appliances have always strived to be more accommodating to our wants and needs. While we may not yet have fully integrated kitchens, we do at least have a continuing trend of smart appliances geared to automatically make adjustments as needed.

The Bosch Tassimo Titanium Single-Serve Beverage Brewer takes a familiar technology and uses it to facilitate effortless coffee making. Using bar-code technology, the machine reads information off of special T-Disc (Tassimo Disc) beverage containers, and adjusts brewing time and temperature accordingly. More than 40 beverage varieties are available in the special T-Disc packages, including ones for cappuccino, tea, latte, and hot chocolate.

With virtually no cleanup or setup, brewing is made as easy as can be. Each cup is predetermined in volume, so this really is a machine built around ease of use; those that prefer control should look elsewhere. Meanwhile, the effortless aspect of this beverage brewer is certainly a plus, and bound to be an appealing aspect to those that want simplicity of use. Until that time when the integrated kitchen can learn how to read minds, appliances that just know how to do their job will have to do.