<b>AppleShare 3.7.2 &quot;damaged resource&quot; problem: a confirmation from Apple

AppleShare 3.7.2 &quot;damaged resource&quot; problem: a confirmation from Apple


Regarding the item last time describing how Conflict Catcher and ResEdit may report that AppleShare 3.7.2 has a damaged resource, Leland Wallace (AppleShare IP Client Lead) writes: "I have reproduced the problem. It seems that the Installer script is not closing the AppleShare file properly. Folks who wish to avoid the problem can drag the AppleShare Client file into the Extensions folder from the Installer 'disk' instead of using the Installer application. I plan to upgrade to a more current version of the Installer in the next release of the AppleShare Client, which should fix the problem." (Mark Garrett independently reported the work-around.)

Steve Crossman claims that his PowerBook sleep wake-up problem, which appeared linked to AppleShare 3.7.2 (as also covered last time), was fixed by using ResEdit to repair the resource.

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