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<b>Apple 1.2 GB Firmware Utility: Who should use it?

Apple 1.2 GB Firmware Utility: Who should use it?

Several readers are reporting trying the new 1.2 GB Firmware Utility 1.1 (see previous item) on their 1.2GB ATA drives and having the updater either report that it is not a drive that can be updated or simply failing to do an update. This leads to the question as to exactly what Mac models even have a chance of having a drive that the updater will update.

Previous statements from Apple suggested that the problem was limited to Power Macintosh 5260/120 or Performa 6360 models. However, the Read Me text for the updater is more vague, stating "The 1.2 GB Firmware Utility 1.1 is not needed unless the firmware version is 1.37 or below. The Utility checks the firmware, and will only update the firmware of the appropriate drives." I am awaiting a reply from Apple offering some clarification.

As you may recall, this problem also plagued some Power Computing PowerBase users. Reports are so far mixed as to whether or not the utility will work with them. My guess is that it should work as long as the drive is one that "qualifies."

Update: John Phelps (of Apple) graciously replied to my query. Here is his answer: "If they have a 1.2 GB drive, they should run the Apple System Profiler. Under the Select menu, choose Device Info, and in the window that comes up, look for Revision Number. If it is 1.37 or below, they need to run the utility. The drives involved were mostly in 52xx and 6360 computers, but if they have any 1.2 GB drive, they ought to check. We have seen some isolated reports of the drives in other models, but we cannot provide a definitive list of models."