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Banksy's dystopian theme park looks delightfully depressing (Tomorrow Daily 230)

Khail and Ashley discuss the weird theme park Banksy created alongside dozens of other artists, check out a special new paint that doesn't fade, crack or retain heat and watch MIT's new 3D printer use glass as a printing material.

Happy Monday, folks. If you're finding yourself having trouble starting your week off with zeal, you can chuck that oatmeal right into the garbage and watch our show for a fast energy boost. That's right, we're the fast food of future tech shows and we won't apologize for how fatty we are.

OK, OK. Maybe we're just riled up and feeling angsty about "Dismaland," Banksy's newest (and largest) effort. It's a depressing take on the state of theme parks around the world, complete with glitchy statues, disinterested "employees" and increasingly morose "attractions." Tickets are cheap, though, so if we were anywhere near the UK, we'd be lining up to check it out.

We're also taking a look at a new kind of paint from John Hopkins University. The team working on this special paint claim it dries hard as a rock, making the surface fade-proof and heat-resistant. It's so strong, they say, that you wouldn't need to apply a new coat for centuries. Pretty amazing stuff, if you ask us.

There's a new 3D-printing material available because of a team of researchers at MIT. The G3DP has the ability to print beautiful custom vases and other shapes made of glass, thanks to dual chambers that regulate the temperature of the glass while it prints.

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230: Banksy's dystopian theme park looks delightfully depressing

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