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Banking on Java

At JavaOne in San Francisco, Sun looks to the future of its flagship software product. A big private win for JDS could give it a boost.

At its JavaOne developer conference, which kicked off Monday in San Francisco, Sun looks to the future of its flagship software product. Highlights include a push into cars, a peek at the Looking Glass and a characteristically contentious keynote from the feisty CEO.

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Scott McNealy, CEO, Sun

McNealy swings at competitors on open source, viruses

Sun's feisty CEO puts up his dukes in a speech that blasts IBM, Red Hat, Microsoft and Congress.
June 29, 2004

Sun's Kitty Hawk aims high

The company plans to redesign its back-end Java software and tools to enable system designs that are more modular and flexible.
June 29, 2004

Java desktop wins over Irish bank

Deal with Allied Irish Bank gives seal of approval from major private customer for Sun's version of desktop Linux.
June 29, 2004

Oracle snaps up Collaxa

The database giant plans to fill out its integration software line with Collaxa's business process automation tools.
June 29, 2004

Sun puts Java into gear for cars

The JavaOne crowd envisions a future with downloadable horn tunes as Sun's Jonathan Schwartz outlines a push to put Java in autos.
June 28, 2004

Is Java cooling off?

Sun tries to quell dissension among Java backers while fending off Microsoft.
June 28, 2004

Borland jumps into Java tools group

Borland Software uses JavaOne to announce a reversal--it's joining the Java Tools Community. IBM, however, remains on the fence.
June 28, 2004

Java to hook up with Vodafone's 3G network

European carrier plans to launch next-generation wireless broadband network and taps Sun for the downloading platform.
June 28, 2004

Now open: Some Java source code

Sun plans to share a modest chunk of code, an experimental user interface called Project Looking Glass.
June 27, 2004

Raving about plan for $99 developer tool

Can "Rave" debut help Sun more than double the number of Java programmers.
June 24, 2004

European cell carriers get some Sun

Orange and T-Mobile will sell only downloads that are Java Verified, in a win for Sun and its downloading software for cell phones.
June 24, 2004

Sun to push developer package, Opteron

Server maker to unveil new initiatives intended to reverse ongoing market-share slide.
June 24, 2004

New muscle planned for Java tools

Using code names like Tiger and Mako, the company's ready to sink its teeth into programming improvements.
June 24, 2004

Eclipse to buzz BEA's Java Beehive

The open-source group plans to create a project for Beehive, which BEA founded to speed Java work, CNET has learned.
June 24, 2004

previous coverage

Java will be open source--someday

Sun follows news that its Solaris software will have an open-source flavor with a similar promise about Java. Just don't ask for details.
June 4, 2004

Sun adds Java tools to RFID menu

The company is set to launch tools that would simplify integration of data collected with radio frequency identification technology.
May 31, 2004