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Bank of America Web site goes down Friday

The banking giant's site is inexplicably unavailable to an unknown number of customers, a spokeswoman says.

Bank of America's Twitter account implies that only some customers are affected by an outage. Bank of America

Bank of America was investigating an outage on Friday that affected an unknown number of customers but had ruled out a cyberattack, a representative said.

"Our online-banking service is available," spokeswoman Anne Pace said in a telephone interview on Friday afternoon. "We ruled out a cyberattack, but are working with partners to determine the root cause."

Checks by CNET found the site down during the morning and afternoon, as late as 2:50 p.m. PST. Several readers reported the outage to CNET, and Business Insider reported that the site was down most of the morning. Several CNET readers reported that they were able to get through to the site, although at least one said it was sluggish.

Bank of America's Twitter account was reporting that "Our Web site is available. However, some customers are having intermittent issues with access. We are working to determine the root cause."

One CNET reader reported that he discovered a work-around: "I tried going to the site via my mobile device, and it works! So then I typed the URL that my mobile device uses into my desktop browser, and I can get in. So it doesn't seem that the Web site, per se, is down, only the 'normal' entry portal?"

Are you getting in? Let us know.

Update, 2:54 p.m. PST: Comment from Bank of America.